On this page you will find a selection of our soapbox designs, but we are also happy to create bespoke designs to meet your requirements or customise any of these designs to suit your needs.

WW11 Willys ‘Jeep
An accurate 45% scaled down representation of one of the most iconic vehicles of the 20th century

‘32 Sedan
Award (and race) winning cart available ready built or plans to build your own, based on the legendary 1932 Ford Model ‘B’ in ‘Tudor’ form.

Model T ‘Bucket’
The prototype for this cart was sold at Bonham’s auction during the 2012 Goodwood Revival meeting. The V8 Flathead engine was all made from wood including carburettors, supercharger and fan belts. General arrangement drawings are available (no construction or engine details).

‘HiBoy’ Roadster
This cart was commissioned by the largest chain of independent car retailers in Europe, it approximately 20% larger than the other soapboxes to enable adults to join in the fun.
‘30’s Indycar
This cart was based on the all conquering Miller Indycars from the early 1930’s but painted red it could easily be an Alfa Romeo from the same era or green an ERA!


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